45 Stunning Western Decor Living Room Ideas

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Work the palette. One of the easiest ways to bring a Western feeling into your home is through color. The Western palette echoes the colors of nature: sunset reds and oranges, cactus greens, big sky blues, earthy browns and wet clay yellows. Though the simple use of paint, you can set the stage for other Western touches throughout your home.

Think small. You don’t need a lot of space or a huge budget to pull off a Western look. Replace your kitchen cabinet hardware with wrought iron pulls; add Navajo-inspired pillows and baskets; hang photos and artifacts of the Old West on your walls–these types of small changes will take your home in a Western direction. Sometimes little touches can have a bigger impact than an overall transformation.

Think naturally. One of the unifying themes of Western decor is nature. Early settlers used what was available to make what they needed. Wood, where it was available, stone and mud when it wasn’t; animal bones, hides and antlers; native plants and grasses and recycled objects are just a few examples. So keep your eye out for materials that are natural to your area and use them to breathe a Western spirit into your home.

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